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MMI can purchase and ensure 100% environmentally friendly recycling of your spent Catalysts and Reformer Tubes.
We offer highly competitive payments for contained  metals such as Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Palladium and more...
MMI can reclaim complex industrial mining by-products such as Cements, Carbonates, Sulphates, and Hydroxides utilizing both Hydrometallurgy, Pyrometallurgy, and Electrometallurgy processes.
By-products and residues with recoverable non-ferrous metals such as dross, slag, ball mill dusts, mill scale, grindings, and sludges.
By-products including, solids, spills, grindings, spray coatings, dusts, sludges.
Valuable metals such as Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Tungsten Carbide and others are all paid for.
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Industries Served

Petrochemical & Syngas

•    Spent Catalysts
•    Reformer Tubes
•    Catalyst slurries
•    Ceramic Support Media

MMI can purchase spent catalysts and spent reformer tubes coming from the Petrochemical & Syngas industry. These include catalysts containing Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, etc...

Casting & Foundry

•    Grindings
•    Dross & Slag
•    Brass ballmill dusts
•    Spills & Spatters

MMI works with Ingot makers and Foundries around the world to purchase by-products from their casting operations.
Materials such as Dross, Slag, Bag house dust, and mill scale, can all be recovered even once contained metals have been converted into an oxide form.

Aerospace & Machining

•    Grindings & Swarf
•    Tungsten Carbide
•    Aerospace Alloy scrap
•    Turbine Blades

Metals used within the aerospace industry require strength and durability to withstand extreme heat and high pressure environments. Nickel and Cobalt are two elements used as additives in various High Temperature Alloys to create an alloy able to withstand these environments.


•    Copper Cements
•    Metal Hydroxides
•    Carbonates
•    Sulfides

MMI works with some of the largest mining and mineral processors worldwide to purchase by-products from the refining of ores and concentrates.
Throughout the refining process many different types of by-products are generated. These can include Hydroxides, Cements, Tailings, Sulfides and others which MMI can purchase for further metals refining and recovery.

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About MMI

Metaal Magnus International B.V. is a non-ferrous metal recycling and reclamation company servicing many diverse industries.

The Metaal Magnus international network can provide companies with sophisticated recycling and reclamation solutions for their various forms of non-ferrous and precious metal containing by-products...


Our 100 Year History

Metaalhandel J.A. Magnus B.V.
Founding 1920-1975
From a casual glance at the "Who's Who" in the Netherlands one can quickly recognize the rapid growth of the MMI group. Initially known by the name Metaalhandel J.A. Magnus B.V. The firm was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1920 by the late J.A. Magnus. Mr. Magnus escaped from Germany in 1937 and settled in Amsterdam. During the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940 his entire yard and stocks were destroyed. Following his liberation from a concentration camp in 1945, Mr. Magnus started from scratch to rebuild his business. The firm grew rapidly and moved to Metropool Building at Weesperstraat 73. (Adapted From Recycling Today - July 1974)
Metal Magnus Int. B.V. - 1974
Metal Magnus Int. B.V. - 2017

As MMI continued to expand and it's workload growing across the world, the firm was reestablished as Metaal Magnus International, keeping the name of our founder and role model, Mr. Magnus in place.

2017 and beyond
In 2017 the appeal of our waterfront location brought developers to the area and MMI made the choice to transfer our company headquarters to the city of Amstelveen located just on the outskirts of Amsterdam. While retaining our warehousing and works near the Port of Antwerp for quick and easy access to one of the largest European ports, MMI's offices remain centrally located in the heart of the European business district for easy access to our clients throughout the region.

MMI has grown to include operations across 3 continents including the USA and UK, the latter of which is headed by a fourth generation Magnus family member who had this to say about the modern day MMI.

"We are proud to continue operating based on the traditions my great grandfather worked hard to build our reputation on. Honesty and safety are our only concerns. My Grandfather was worried about the environment long before it was politically correct to do so" .

Z. Meisner (great grandson of MMI founder Mr. J.A. Magnus)
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