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Industries Served

Working across a variety of industries, Metal Magnus purchases  non ferrous metal bearing by-products and residues.


•Ammonia • Methanol • CO Reduction • Steam Reforming • Reformer Tubes

The Petrochemical & Syngas industry use base metal and precious metal containing catalysts such as those containing Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Iron,  Platinum, and Palladium to produce important chemicals used across the globe.
MMI can ensure 100% environmentally friendly recycling of spent catalysts while also offering a highly competitive return value for the contained recovered metals.

Facilities planning for a catalyst change-out, will leave them with various spent catalysts requiring expertise, experience, and proper care to ensure legitimate recycling of materials will be achieved.

MMI will assist with neutral third party Laboratory testing to determine the contained metal content, ensuring a proper valuation of the catalyst is achieved.
Metal Magnus's team can assist starting with the initial consultation, recommendation and sourcing of specific UN regulated approved packaging options, and will be there every step of the way to ensure safe and efficient removal and ultimate recycling of the catalysts are handled in the most professional way possible.


Planning for a reformer unit replacement can take place over a year in advance of an actual Turnaround, leaving companies with no firm budgetary figure in place for the value of their scrap tubes. As commodities, the value of the contained Nickel, Chrome and Iron are constantly fluctuating.

Facilities can choose to leave their catalysts inside the reformer tubes prior to MMI moving materials offsite, saving them time and costs during a shutdown.

Casting & Foundry

• Grindings • Dross's • Spills & Spatters • Waste water treatment filter cakes • Copper & Zinc Dusts • Tungsten carbide  

Manufacturing facilities across the world rely on custom manufactured parts and components for their products and equipment. Facilities which are melting and forming metals will all generate a list of unique by-products from their productions.

Dross , Spills & Spatters, Millscale, or Dusts from a bag house, are just some examples of the materials MMI will recycle from a casting plant.

MMI's almost 100+ years of activity means we understand your manufacturing processes and will work alongside your team to ensure materials are recovered from your waste stream, ensuring a full metals recovery is achieved while retaining the full scrap value of the material.

MMI also recycles waste water treatment Filter Cakes, Tungsten carbide tooling, floor sweepings, and much much more. We will analyze materials for the contained elements and value and purchase your materials for final recycling and refining.


• Cements • Sulfates •  Carbonates • Sulfides • Sludges • Tailings

Concentrates containing recoverable metals can be generated through a variety of industrial processes. 

Metallurgical plants which  refine or produce metals of a specific elemental formation will generate other intermediary materials which are considered a by-product of the primary product being produced. 

Materials such as Cements, Slimes, Tailings, Hydroxides, Sulfates, etc...  can be further refined to extract all available metals of value present.

MMI works together with various Smelters, Refineries, and Concentrating plants  worldwide to recover various metallurgical by-products and to ensure that environmental stewardship goals are not only achieved but surpassed.

Aerospace & Machining

 • Grindings • Sludges • Turbine Blades • Alloy Components • Engine Scraps

Nickel and Cobalt are two metals commonly used within the aerospace industry to produce alloys with specialty characteristics and qualities such as Heat resistant, Corrosion resistant, Wear resistant, Creep resistant and those with Magnetic properties.

MMI recycles many forms of scraps and by-products generated from the production of Alloys and Tungsten Carbide tooling, including grindings, sludges, bag house dusts, metallic spills, solids and more.

Small components used in the Aerospace industry which require replacements from engines, turbines, and other high pressure equipment can be recycled for their valuable metal content by MMI.

MMI specializes in dealing with hard to refine materials including those with more than one recoverable metal such as Cobalt, Nickel, Tungsten & Copper all mixed as one material. Often there are other metals present as part of the alloy itself or as a coating which can be considered unfriendly to the refining process. MMI can often suggest a program which would allow for the pre-treatment (i.e. removal) of these impurities prior to the final refining process taking place.
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