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Due Dil – H&S


Metaal Magnus International BV: (MMI)
Was established in 1989, by former staff of Metaalhandel J.A. Magnus BV. The company specializes in
niche products, nearly all being by products of metallurgy / and some scrap and residues suitable for
recycling. MMI does till now hardly engage in natural Concentrates. MMI stores and has treated (in
customs treatments) materials with outside firms, which have good reputation (checked by MMI)

Risk Management:

MMI serves the industry of the so called industrialized world. By doing so, a variety of waste streams
are offered. MMI holds in the database for each customer the story of the transaction, which information
is suitable and transferrable to new situations.
MMI controls the risks as follows:

  • By SDS of the supplier, and in case of scrap materials by the DGD (Dangerous Goods declaration),
  • MMI assesses the way the material is produced, how it is packed, how it is transported and gives instructions internally and externally’
  • If possible / if necessary MMI checks with the supplier by meeting / paying a visit.
  • Often MMI has his own spectrum analysis made to recognize any unknown factors / elements
  • All information is stored in the database and retrievable.

Supply Chain Tracing Policy: (RMI)

MMI does not buy any materials described in the OECD Annex II, edition three.
MMI buys usually all materials from the source itself or knows the source from which the material
originates. MMI avoids any materials where transgressions can be assumed, such as:

  • Conflict materials (Guidance by the OECD Annex II). State or non-State triggered.
  • Dual Use Materials
  • Money laundering materials
  • Tax misconduct,
  • Bribery,
  • Abuse situations, such as child labour,

Management Systems

A Internal setup:
All new commitments are monitored internally and procedures adjusted upon necessity. The structure is
as follows:
The management carries the last responsibility for the Risk Aspects. It coordinates and advises on
several steps of a transaction flow, such as purchase, instructions related to particular risk(s), quality
control aspects, which persons are affected, in fact training on site and on the case. Aspects are
documented and stored in the MMI database.The database is available for a far longer time than legally
New staff is introduced by either their colleagues or the management, to be able to act accordingly.
MMI’s staff gets training all the time, case related and general.
Amongst MMI’s staff there is also a Safety Adviser (Veiligheids Adviseur) not making part of the

B Management of Due Diligence and It’s control:
The control mechanism is set up, leaning on the OECD Guidance . The supply chain is followed up and
checked. The Due Diligence measurements are parts of business agreements and referred to on the

Contact with suppliers: MMI’s policy is to visit and ‘get a feeling’ with most of their suppliers. As MMI
does not engage in concentrates, nor does it buy from developing countries, many risks are absent.

Assessment of Risk
MMI consults the CAHRA list, in irregular intervals, when the situation asks for it.
MMI follows the KYC procedures, .

In any case of doubt the management shall take the necessary steps, which might result in cancellation
of a deal.

Control of the Chain:

Is done permanently according to the control sheet for “Risk Assessment”
Lists publicized by the Dutch Government serve as an additional source of information.

See under Risk Categorisation.

Auditors but also the management survey yearly all the conducts, correct the conduct, when necessary
and take decisions on the future, consulting also the recent developments.