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About Us

Metaal Magnus International is a non-ferrous metal recycling and reclamation company servicing many diverse industries.
The Metaal Magnus international network can provide companies with sophisticated recycling and reclamation solutions for their various forms of non-ferrous and precious metal containing by-products including; Catalysts, Ashes, Concentrates, Dross’s, Dusts, Filter cakes, Residues, Sludge’s, Slurries, Solids, High grade Alloy tube scrap and much more.

MMI purchases thousands of Tons per year of spent materials generated from leading petrochemical and manufacturing facilities across the globe, helping to facilitate the safe recycling and recovery of contained metals.

Working directly with Smelters, Refineries and other secondary markets for the reuse or reprocessing of valuable commodities, MMI has built an unparalleled industry network over the course of over a century in business. Our team will work with you to ensure proper value is achieved by bringing the most up to date refining procedures to work on your behalf.
MMI’s level of expertise and global reach uniquely positions our staff to properly handle all non-ferrous metal bearing by-products being generated from complex manufacturing processes across a large scope of industries.
In any physical form, and with a wide parameter for material compositions, MMI can maximize material value through material pre-treatments, metals reclamation, environmental stewardship, and competitive metal credits offered to our customers.

We offer a realm of value added services including, initial consultation, packaging solutions, logistical arrangements, documentation and regulatory compliance. We aim to bring you a world class operation while maintaining a personal and pleasant customer experience.

Please continue to explore our website or give us a call to further discuss your non-ferrous recycling needs.

A look back in time...

The late Mr. J.A. Magnus was the founder of the worldwide network known as Metaal Magnus International B.V. (MMI)

Over the course of our almost 100+ years in business MMI has continued to expand bringing our expertise to work for you. With offices located across the globe, MMI is well positioned to serve your needs wherever they may be.
1920     •     Founding years and growth - Hamburg, Germany.
1937     •     Metaalhandel J. A. Magnus Company formed - Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1946     •     Amsterdam - MMI's Rhine Canal original port facility inauguration.
1998     •     MMI United Kingdom office launch.
2014     •     MMI-USA office launched.

We concentrate on providing the highest metals return, worldwide logistical arrangements, and unparalleled customer service with a competitiveness we hope is second to none!

Mr. J.A. Magnus (founder, MMI)

"Our goal is to manage the process of responsible recycling in the most environmentally friendly way for companies who cannot reuse their spent materials themselves."

J.C. Roosen, Owner MMI
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