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Conduct as Small Enterprise


MMI being a small enterprise in size of it’s personel, approaches the risks according to an own system
of evaluation, taking regularly advise from the OECD guidelines, but not limiting itself to them.
The OECD writes in general:
page 47 of:
reading as follows:

How can resource constraints be addressed? Due diligence involves human and financial resource
implications. While resource constraints may be a challenge for all enterprises, small enterprises
particularly may have fewer personnel and financial resources to carry out due diligence. At the same
time, they often have greater flexibility in policy-making and implementation and may have fewer
impacts or suppliers to manage as compared to larger enterprises. The size or resource capacity of an
enterprise does not change its responsibility to conduct due diligence commensurate with the risk, but
may affect how an enterprise carries it out. Enterprises with resource constraints may rely more heavily
on collaborative approaches in carrying out due diligence and may have to make more careful decisions
in the context of prioritisation. They may also take advantage of existing resources such as model
policies or public information on risks in certain supply chains and seek technical assistance from
industry associations they are members of.
Q7. How can due diligence be appropriate to an enterprise’s circumstances? How an enterprise carries
out due diligence can be affected by factors such as the size of the enterprise, the context of its
operations, its business model, positions in supply chains, and the nature of its products or services.

As the information is wide-spread, MMI prefers its own approach to address and evaluate this following

  • Conflict areas,
  • Corruption,
  • Geographic situations,
  • Internal Data gathered during many years of active trade, latter one being the most valuable, as
    it gives facts per entity / enterprise for a period of the last at least 25 years.

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