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Spent Catalysts

Catalyst recycling services are geared towards those catalysts with recoverable metals. Some common catalysts MMI recycles would be Primary and Secondary Reforming, Low Temperature Shift (LTS), High Temperature Shift (HTS), Converter, Desulphurization, Methanation as well as precious metal containing catalysts used in the Syngas / Petrochemical industries.
Metals such as Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Chrome, Cobalt, Tungsten, Molybdenum and pgm's including Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium are refined from the catalysts as a valuable pure metal or can be used directly in an industrial process, ensuring a closed loop cradle to grave recycling process. 
Depending on the amount of metals which are contained, MMI will provide a comprehensive recycling and metals credit program to ensure as much value as possible is extracted for return to our customers.

Reformer Tubes

The Petrochemical industry uses high grade Nickel alloy pipes as part of the Gas Reforming process. Placed under intense heat and pressure these pipes will usually need to be replaced after 100,000+ hours of use. MMI will calculate the value of this scrap metal paying for the Nickel, Chrome and Iron contained.
Reformer tubes can be recycled with or without prior removal of the catalyst from the tubes.

Grindings & Swarf

 CNC Grinders, Milling Lathes, and Boring Mills will all create a variety of by-products when machining alloys and other metal components.
Casting and Foundry operations will cut a billet down to size generating large quantities of grinding dusts.
These dusts, fines, turnings, and swarf from machining operations can be captured and refined for the valuable elements contained in the material. 

Filter cakes

Facilities which generate a waste water effluent  containing by-product metals, can often have an onsite waste water treatment system to prevent the discharge of these metals into the environment.
This treatment will generate a filter cake containing the concentrated amount of metals which would otherwise not be available for metal reclamation. MMI will refine such a material in order to recover these valuable metals.


A Dross can be a mixed metallic & oxide or fully oxidized metal surface which is skimmed off the top of a molten bath of metal. These can be separated to reclaim both the metal oxide and metallic components of the dross in separate recycling processes.
Various other elements can also be captured along with the dross and can be reclaimed as well when of value.

BagHouse Dust

Many industrial environments necessitate bag house dust collectors to ensure air quality is protected. A bag house collection system will collect the airborne metal dusts generated from furnaces and grinding machines.
These can include Zinc Oxides, Manganese Dioxides, Nickel and Cobalt oxides and more.
The collection of these particles ensures that the safe quality of the air is protected while also capturing an otherwise lost valuable commodity.


Metallurgical plants which are refining or producing metals of a specific elemental formation will generate various residues considered as by-products to the primary materials being produced.
These can sometimes be in the form of Cements, Sulfates, Sulfides, Carbonates, and cakes, etc... and will be refined via other processes to extract all available elements and metals present in the material.


Ashes with recoverable metals can be generated via an industrial combustion or incineration process used to burn away carbons or other organic impurities from a manufacturing waste or by-product. This leaves behind a residue ash with recoverable metal oxides.


Solid metal alloy scraps such as spills, spatters, bar ends, tooling and more are all materials which MMI handles for metals reclamation.
Various alloy types can be segregated by category or mixed into a blend for casting of new alloy heats.
Our industry wide network of alloy producers will ensure materials are fully recycled in a most economical and efficient way.
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